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Here’s what you get

 (And if you’re thinking ‘That’s a lot!’, you’re right; it is.)

Starter Pack

The Starter Pack gives you a complete overview of the programme, including…  

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  • a step-by-step explanation of the different components and how they work together
  • how to get the most out of the programme
  • what you can expect to gain

It provides context and familiarity with what’s coming.

Kickoff Module

The Kickoff Module helps you to get started in the right way and includes:

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  • 90 minute audio/MP3 that tells you everything you need to know about MMM
  • slide pack
  • transcription

It sets the scene for you to start well, so you can end well.

Preparation Guide

The extensive (90+ pages) Preparation Guide helps you in a very powerful way to:

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  • understand why your life is the way it is
  • identify what the main limiting beliefs are, holding you back
  • help you get clear on what you really want

It shows you why all change has to start with you and guides you through it step-by-step.

The Entire Module 1

The *entire* Module 01, including all this:

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  • 90+ minute audio/MP3
  • transcript
  • slide pack
  • a detailed down-to-the-minute “Change Work Guide” to guide you through the daily change work exercises, step by step
  • a “Change Work Tracker” to help you track your progress

Module Previews

Module Previews for Module 2 – 12, including (per preview):

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  • a two-page snapshot of the contents of the next module
  • a taste, look & feel for what’s coming up next

The preview prepares you for what’s coming and helps you to find that lesson you were looking for.

If you like what you find and want the rest, here’s what’s included:

  • The remaining modules 02 – 12, each with 90 minute mp3, transcript, slide pack, change work guide and progress tracker per Module

And these bonus downloads:

  • Bonus 01:  Immediate Stress Relief
  • Bonus 02: The Key of Forgiveness
  • Bonus 03: The Key of Being Good Enough
  • Bonus 04: The Key of Installing New Beliefs
  • Bonus 05: Truly Tapping into Pure Possibility
  • Bonus 06: Jenny Ibbotson on Conscious Creation

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